Welcome to the Read-a-Thon!

We are excited to begin our Kaiser & Woodland Read-A-Thon Fundraiser sponsored by KWPFO (Kaiser Woodland Parent Faculty Organization). This year's theme is "READ for the Stars" -- a theme that inspires our students to set their sights on the loftiest of goals and then achieve them!  Whether your student is reading independently or being read to, we hope your family takes this time to ENJOY a good book, a poem, a magazine, an audiobook, or even a recipe!

Over the next two weeks, October 3-14, we hope your student will:
    • Collect online donations from family and friends via our easy-to-use fundraising page at See below for instructions on how to set up your account.
    • Log their reading minutes at to earn reading rewards on prize days.
    • Have fun earning "dress up" days when the schools hit certain fundraising thresholds.
    • Enjoy different types of reading and reading activities by completing a "Bingo" Card.
    • Visit their local library to get a library card if they don't already have one.
How to Get Started:
Step 1: How to Set-up your online Read-a-Thon Account:
  1. Go to to begin.
  2. Click 'login' (if you have an account) or 'Sign Up' (if the student has never used the site.)
  3. Click 'I'm a Parent/Guardian' and fill in the parent's name, email, password and birthdate (must be the parent's information). If you already have an account, this information will be populated, but you will need to re-enter your password and login.
  4. Search for your school by typing in Kaiser/Woodland Elementary.
  5. Enter the student's first and last name and select their Teacher's name.
  6. Agree to terms and continue.
  7. Register another student or Select No.
  8. Click 'View Participant Dashboard' and begin pledging!
Students will be rewarded for their fundraising efforts in two ways: (1) as a collective school community via School Spirit Days, and (2) with opportunities to win fun prizes!
Step 2: How to log your minutes read on "":
  1. Login to
  2. Click the menu in the top right and click on 'Log Minutes Read'.
  3. Enter the date on which you read.
  4. Enter the number of minutes read as a whole number (i.e. 30 minutes would be entered as 30, 1 hour and 30 minutes would be entered as 90 minutes, etc.)
  5. Click 'Log Minutes Read'.
  6. Click on your Log to view and edit minutes read.

On "Mini Prize Mondays" - October 10th and 17th  - teachers will distribute rewards for students who have logged enough minutes to reach the next "SPACE" level:

    • Lunar Level - 30 minutes - Solar System Bookmark
    • Red Planet Reader - 70 minutes - Space Pencil
    • Meteor Mark - 120 minutes - Astronaut Eraser
    • Solar Stratum - 190 minutes - Rocket LED Flashlight Keychain
    • Galactical Grade  - 270 minutes - Galaxy Ball
    • Black Hole - 370 minutes - Galaxy Fidget Spinner

These totals may seem like a lot, but with about 30 minutes of reading a day (about the length of a TV show) over the two week program, your student can achieve EVERY reward!

NEW THIS YEAR! In each grade level, the class with the highest average reading minutes logged per student earns extra recess!

October - Important Dates to Remember:

    • Monday, October 3 - Start logging minutes / First Day of the Read-a-Thon
    • Friday, October 7 - Finish logging minutes read during week 1
    • Monday, October 10 - Mini Prize Monday from Week 1
    • Thursday October 13  - Turn in Bingo Cards to volunteers before/after school
    • Friday, October 14 - Turn in Bingo Cards to volunteers before school
    • Friday, October 14 - Last day to log minutes / Last day of the Read-a-Thon
    • Monday, October 17- Mini Prize Monday from Week 2
    • Friday, October 21 - Drawing winners notified
    • Week of October 24 - Drawing winners pick up prizes (details given when winners are notified)
A BIG thank you to our amazing prize sponsors!



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