After-School Enrichment Classes

Spring 2022 Classes

After-School Enrichment Classes are a powerful way the PFO supports a diverse array of learning and social opportunities for our Kaiser and Woodland students. The kids always have loads of fun in their classes, which range from stop-motion animation to handball to art and more.

After our COVID hiatus, we're thrilled to once again offer after-school enrichment in Spring 2022. The Spring '22 program will run for six weeks.


Registration is open Thursday, March 24 at 6PM and closes Friday, April 1 at 11PM.

Course Catalogs

Important Info - Please Read!

Before you get too deep into these catalogs, PLEASE, PLEASE read the important information about registration and payment below:

1). ALL REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT are to be completed ONLINE through the Enrichment Store (open during registration). Our registration website is mobile-friendly (Apple and Android devices). If you do not have computer/internet access to register, please contact for assistance.

2). The registration deadline is Friday, April 1. Registration after April 1 will be on discretion if there are open class spots. Classes will begin April 18 and will run for six weeks, ending by May 27. Please refer to the above catalogs for specific dates. Registration will firmly close upon the first day of classes.

3). Classes will be filled in the order that registration AND payment are completed and received. Your student will not be enrolled until payment is received. Register early to ensure a spot in the class.

4). CONSIDER YOURSELF REGISTERED – PLAN TO ATTEND CLASS ON THE FIRST DAY. You will only be notified if the class has been cancelled or is already full; in either of these cases, your payment will be returned to you (or you can choose another class). We will not be posting class lists.

5). There are certain classes that will need one parent proctor. If you are selected as proctor, the class fee for your child will be waived. Please indicate if you are interested in serving as proctor when registering. Parent proctors will assist the instructor with tracking attendance, supporting class activities, etc. The parent proctor must attend EVERY CLASS; if your child drops out of the class, you are required to continue your volunteer duties or find someone who can be your replacement. Parent proctors need to be registered volunteers.

6). Class dates and times may vary, so please MARK YOUR CALENDAR accordingly. It is your responsibility to know when classes will be held. Your child must be picked up within five (5) minutes of the class end time. Instructors are not responsible for your child after the class ends. Repeated tardiness in picking up your child will result in him/her being dropped from the class without a refund.

7). There will be no refunds provided after the first class, regardless of reason. Failure to follow instructor roles and policies may also result in removal from a class, with no refund provided.

Finally, we're delighted to share that 10% of the vendor price for each enrichment class goes back to our PFO, so when you participate in Enrichment, you support the PFO and our Kaiser and Woodland Elementary Schools.

Questions? Please email Aishling Wendell at


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