2020-2021 PFO Board Members

The Team

We're dedicated to the children, faculty, and community. If you'd like to join the team, please let us know!

Open Positions


Kaiser PFO President: Michelle Murphy 

Woodland PFO President: Sarah Middleton

Executive Board

VP Community Fundraisers: Elizabeth McNerney

VP School Fundraisers: Kellie Newcome

VP Communication: Adrienne Ainbinder

VP Enrichment: Tiffany Slater

VP Membership: Stephanie Robson

VP Arts: Wendy Horne

VP Technology: Tami McBride

Secretary: Hedy Wertenbroek

Treasurer: Angelina Achak

Auditor: Mona Agzour

Parliamentarian: Erin Bell



Knightline: OPEN

PR: Adrienne Ainbinder

Spanish Language Translation: OPEN

Graphic Designer: Melanie Graham

Social Media (Kaiser): Nguyen Thomas

Social Media (Woodland): Adrienne Ainbinder

Room Parent Coordinator (Kaiser): OPEN

Room Parent Coordinator (Woodland): Alyssa Wuestefeld

KW Yearbook Coordinator: Kristin Brakeville

Yearbook Editors (Kaiser): OPEN (3 positions)

Yearbook Editors (Woodland): OPEN (3 positions)

Yearbook Lovelines Coordinator: OPEN

Teacher Appreciation (Kaiser): Allison Sanden

Teacher Appreciation (Woodland): Allison Sanden


Directory Coordinator: OPEN

Business Sponsorship Coordinator: OPEN

Court Party Lead: OPEN


Website: OPEN

Virtual Room Parent Coordinator (Kaiser): Beth Mondillo

Virtual Room Parent Coordinator (Woodland): Megan Miller


Diversity & Inclusion (Kaiser): Alex Williamson

Diversity & Inclusion (Woodland): Andrea Heslington

Library Liaison (Kaiser): OPEN

Library Liaison (Woodland): Cryssa Andersen

Red Ribbon Week (Kaiser): Holly Stefani

Healthy Choices Week (Woodland): OPEN

Site Improvement (Kaiser): Katie Crawford 

Site Improvement (Woodland): Katie Crawford

NHHS Senior Scholarship: Melanie Graham


Art Masters: Holly Stefani

Art Grab-and-Go Coordinator: Matt Cabrera

Virtual Assembly Coordinator: OPEN

Music Liaison: OPEN

Community Fundraising

Ralphs Fundraiser: Krista Vo

Restaurant Fundraisers: OPEN

Dine & Dance
- Mariah McDaniel
Jen Nelson

School Fundraising

Read-A-Thon (Kaiser): OPEN

Read-A-Thon (Woodland): OPEN

Spirit Wear Chair: Hedy Wertenbroek

Spirit Wear Support Team
- Jeni Sorenson
- Marci Kimura

Sweetheart Dance
- Stephanie Robson
Megan Miller

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